Heart of Europe Debate Tournament




Last week, we were in Czech Republic as the Galatasaray High School Debate Society for the Heart of Europe debate tournament. We met at the airport early on the morning of July 9th and boarded on our plane. After a train and tram ride, we reached The Faculty of Science of Palacký University where the tournament was going to take place.

I think I wouldn’t be mistaken when I say that the days flew by. With a very busy program and by working until late hours on the following days’ motions, we got to the end of the tournament. We were very excited since it was our first tournament abroad but in the end we learned a lot. You can find the motions below, see you later!



THBT EU’s development aid should be focused primarily on education.


1. THBT international military intervention against Boko Haram is justified, regardless of the views of the Nigerian government.

2. THBT the normalization of relations between the USA and Cuba will result in substantial improvements in civil rights in Cuba.

3. THBT sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists are harmful for feminism.

4. THBT the Eurasian Economic Union is going to be a threat to the European Union in the future.
Teams will not know whether they will be proposing or opposing beforehand. The sides are going to be decided randomly upon the draw for the respective round, but based on the rule that in an ideal case, teams should both propose and oppose four times during whole course of the tournament. Teams need to cover both sides in their preparation for the tournament.









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