Tevfik Fikret Open Debate Tournament



Last weekend we organized the first ever debate tournament in our school’s history as the Galatasaray High School Debate Society! After weeks of correspondence, permission request letters, planning and two very busy days of debate we concluded this final chapter of the adventure. At the end of our tournament which was in British Parliamentary style and which had over 52 teams participating first place went to Ecem Uluegeci and Akın Açıkgöz from Kabataş High School. We would like to thank all of the jury for making this tournament fun and fretless, our staff members for running to our help whenever necessary, our media team for documenting every moment of this journey, Ms. Selma Zoralioglu for helping us in every single step of the organization of this wonderful event, Can Argon for being our excellent CA and every debater who spent their precious weekend with us.

You can visit our webpage and/or Facebook for the schedule and further information!



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