Django Girls Workshop March’16


Finally the day I’ve waited for a long time arrived and this morning around 8.30 we started the second workshop Django Girls is organizing in Turkey. Django Girls is a non-profit organization aiming to empower women and encourage them to start programming with the help of daily workshops. Since 2014, they’ve organized 172 workshops in 58 countries and 136 cities, reaching over 4000 women! After a short introduction and breakfast, we went upstairs with our teams and started making our own website with the help of our lovely mentors!

SPOILER: There will be errors. LOTS of errors.

django girls over the world

As we make our way through the tutorial, we’re introduced to Python and the Django framework (which oparates on Python). Although most of the participants move quickly because they’re already fluent in coding, most of them being either CS students or graduates, the tutorial is fairly suitable for beginners as well and gives them a proper foundation. Besides, I can say that even though there were many programmers, not all of them were familiar with Python. In the last few steps, we encounter HTML and CSS but it’s so simple that after tinkering for a while it’s impossible not getting the hang of it. It’s possible to complete the tutorial in one day and get your blog up and running in one day, but in order to add the features of a common blog (such as admin login, deleting and editing posts etc.) there are tasks to be completed at home. My blog currently looks like this, but of course there’s still a lot to add and improve.

After working with Java and HTML for a year, I can say that Python and Django seemed more interesting. Unlike Java which allows you to be pretty messy, Python is sensitive to tabs and spaces which gives you a lot of errors until you get the hang of it. So far, I haven’t used command line or github and thanks to this workshop, I got the chance to learn about them too.

Elbette sadece çalışmadık, bol bol ara verip sohbet de ettik!

The Django Girls tutorial is open to everyone, if there aren’t any events in your city or you aren’t able to attend for some reason, you always complete the tutorial from the comfort of your home. The next workshop in Turkey is in Eskişehir,on April 9. In order to apply, simply fill out this form. In order to learn more about Hipo, the sponsor and host of this event, click here. For the rest of the photos, check out Django Girls’ Flickr!


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