Despite being one of the judges, I wanted to prepare something as well for our competition this Monday, themed “Chocolate”. I thought of what I could bake that had chocolate in it and came up with the three recipes below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Cookies


You’ll need:

For the cookies:

  • 3 glasses of flour
  • 3/4 glasses of butter
  • 1 glass of caster sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 glass of nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts etc)
  • 1 pack of baking soda
  • Some vanilla
  • A pinch of salt

For the chocolate outside:

  • 160 grams of chocolate
  • Coconut powder
  • Sprinkles
  • Cocoa

How to make/bake it:

  1. Whisk the room-temperature, softened butter with a mixer. Slowly add in the sugar until you get a creamy mixture. Then add the eggs and salt and keep mixing.
  2. Add the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa, vanilla powder, baking sofa and nuts) and knead them in until you get a consistent dough.
  3. Put the cookies on a parchment paper 2.5 centimeters apart from each other and bake them in a pre-heated 180 celcius degree oven for 15-20 minutes.
  4. You’ll know the cookies are done when their bottom starts to turn dark. Take them out of the oven and wait for them to cool.
  5. You have several different options for decorating your cookies. You can dip them in cocoa, sprinkles or coconut powder. Another option is to drizzle chocolate on the cookies. After you’re done with the decoration process wait for the chocolate to set and then you’re good to go!

Caution! What you need to pay attention here is to make sure you have a thin coat of chocolate around your cookie. Don’t get too greedy and skip the part where you tap and let the excess chocolate drip back into the bowl. Otherwise you’ll get lumps in your cocoa or sprinkles. Just put the sprinkles (or any other decoration you’re using) in a big deep bowl, shake off the excess chocolate and you shouldn’t come across any problems!

Chocolate Covered Plain Cookies

You’ll apply the same procedure above, this time switch the cocoa with flour and add chocolate chips instead of nuts. You’re free to get as creative as you want with how you’re going to shape your cookies.

image4 (1)
I used a waffle machine to make these heart shapes and then drizzled on milk and dark chocolate.
Processed with MOLDIV
With these cookies, I dipped them half in chocolate and quarter into cocoa to get multiple layers.

Two-Level Pomegranate Chocolate


This recipe is as simple as it seems but tastes incredible. All you’ll need are:

  • An ice tray
  • Chocolate (to be melted)
  • A pomegranate


  1. Take the seeds out of your pomegranate. Pick any unwanted parts and toss them.
  2. Section the pomegranate seeds into the ice tray.
  3. Melt the chocolate and pour it halfway. Put the tray in the freezer.
  4. Take it out when it’s cooled and pour in a different kind of chocolate.
  5. Take it out when it’s solid (about 30 minutes after.) and enjoy!

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