Mektebin Şefi

Always concentrated…


Today was the big day! In lunch break, we gathered with Başak, Esin and Sevdenur to prepare our grading scale and name tags for each meal. After 2 hours of arranging desks and preparing the exposition hall in general, we started scoring each contestant and their desserts.

My cookies made an appearance too!


We gave points depending on taste, originality, presentation, hygiene, difficulty and many other factors. It was a hard time deciding between 20 amazing plates and we were all completely stuffed afterwards, but in the end we managed to pick a winner. Our winner was Berkay with his wonderful fudgy Devil’s Food Cake! The 10 participants with highest scores got the opportunity of moving to the next round, in which they’ll be expected to cook a meal entirely on their own.

The list of 10 people who passed to the next stage is below. I wish good luck to all of them!

  1. Berkay – Devil’s Food Cake – 223 pts
  2. Utku and Gulin – Chocolate Vegan Cheesecake – 220 pts
  3. Elif Naz – Profiterole – 218 pts
  4. Elif Lal – Orange Chocolate Cheesecake – 217 pts
  5. Delfin and Begum – La Cage aux Mikados – 214 pts
  6. Incisu – Brownie Cheesecake – 202 pts
  7. Beyza – Buche Façon Tiramisu – 201 pts
  8. Sila – Chocolate Covered Balls – 2o1 pts






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