CS106A | Stanford-Koç Introduction to Computer Science



In the past two weeks I got the chance to learn coding in Java with the help of instructors from Stanford and Koc University. Even though the program seemed easy for the first few days because I already had experience with Java before, after a couple days it got more and more challenging and fun.

A Day at CS106A

Each day after having breakfast we went to the Auditorium at the Faculty of Engineering for the morning lecture. After a 2-hour long lecture from Chris Piech who taught Intro to Computer Science at Stanford University as well, we would head to labs corresponding to our sections. After finishing the first couple ones of our daily assignments we would head into classrooms to go over the material once again with our section leaders.

Frozen is the first thing that pops in one’s mind when you say graphics…

After a quick lunch, we would go back to labs to finish off the rest of the assignments with a two and a half hour break in between. For those who had finished the assigments early, there were either a challenge to tackle or a creative project! After 6.30 we were free to either go back to dorms or come back to the review sessions to finish uncompleted assignments.

Introduction to Java

During 10 quite intensive days we got the opportunity to learn and work on a different aspect of Java. Starting off the first day with a little robot named Karel (you will be missed Karel) to learn the logic of loops and commands, we continued the week learning the command line, graphics, arrays, events and many other things.


There are two kinds of people: Morning people and others

We also had a little competition in the auditorium using Kahoot and by the end of the week we started on our little project: a game called Breakout (which turned out to be very similar to Brick Breaker). We finished breakout over the weekend and moved onto our final project the second week. CS106A was a very exciting and fun program, I’m sure it’ll be very rewarding to those who’ve already done Java at high school level as well as total beginners!


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