Our welcome presentation

After an eventful flight (the bombing at Ataturk Airport, literally less than 8 hours before my flight) and a few days at New York trying to beat the jetlag, I arrived at Philly 30th Street Station as scheduled. Shawna, our residential director, was nice enough to carpool for us between the train station and college houses. After getting out of her car and finishing registration, I packed out, met with my roommates and so the adventure began!

Yes, all desks come with a view like this
Beautiful Philly!

Still tired from the jetlag, I fell asleep very easily and early that night and the next day was my first fourth of july in US! I was expecting more acts of patriotism but I guess 80% of the people wearing American flag t shirts, shorts, socks and even earrings are as patriotic as it gets. We played games, got to know each other more thoroughly and watched the fireworks, ready for the lectures the day after.

Fireworks aren’t as glorious in pictures as they are in real life.

The next four days were spent with morning lectures, lab assignments and homework at the college house after the lab (of course with lunch and dinner breaks in between). Even though we worked until late hours and learned tons of material everyone (well, most of the people) were feeling super excited and energetic. Professor Mark Yim and Andrew Specian are both doing their best to make sure we understand the course material and will be able to build a functioning robot in the next two weeks. The weekends are all filled with tons of activities and we still have robots to build, but those deserve each their own blog post. See you soon!

At one point, this lab felt more like home than our actual room.
We were actually a part of the lab!

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